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Maximum settings are:


  • Input heat flux: 1200W
  • Physical size: 75 x 75 mm
  • Hot-side temperature: The hot side can go from room temperature (20°C) up to 400°
  • Cold-side temperature: The cold side can go from -20°C to +70°
  • Total applied force: up to 400kg.


Any temperature difference in these ranges is possible. Please advise what you wish.


Thermoelectric Generator Testing

  • The test involves applying a fixed heater input power to the hot side of the TEG and starting at open circuit voltage, performing a load sweep to short circuit current. The cold side temperature is fixed and can be set by the customer.

    The system measures hot side, cold side, water in/water out temperatures; all electrical parameters (voltage/current/power); flow meter readings, heater input power (and voltage and current). The heater input power is not adjusted when changing the electrical load point when sweeping the I-V/I-P (Current/Voltage, Current/Power) graph. We also clamp the module up to your required pressure. For standard TEG modules, this is usually 1.25MPa.

    Should you wish to change any parameter mentioned above then a new test run would cost £150 per test.

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