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The FF-750-30 is a fluid-to-fluid integrated thermoelectric cooler unit.

It has a cooling capacity of 750W and a ΔT(max) of 30°C.  It uses an external source of working fluid (“Plant”) as the primary heat transport medium. Energy is added to this, or removed from it, depending on whether the unit is heating or cooling the internal fluid loop (the “Process” loop).

If the unit is heating, then a relatively small amount of heat is removed from the plant liquid. If the unit is cooling, then both the heat from the process fluid and the electrical power from the internal power supply are dumped into the plant fluid.

On the rear of the unit there is a two litre tank for the process fluid; this is used to smooth out temperature fluctuations as the thermoelectric modules heat or cool the fluid in the system.

The outlet temperature of the cooler unit is measured by a thermistor and this is the parameter against which the unit regulates its setpoint temperature.

Operating Parameters: FF-750-30

Qc [W] 750 0
Qh [W] 1,550 -30
ΔT [°C] 0 30

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 559 × 495 × 267 mm