KM3 System


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The KM3 Backplane System consists of multiple KM3 converters and a single central monitoring controller. It features:

  • LCD Touchscreen.
  • USB port and PC program for external communication.
  • Datalogging (to PC).
  • Wireless Access for remote monitoring.

The KM3 is the new flagship converter from Thermoelectric Conversion Systems. It builds on the reliable performance of the KM2 converter, considerably expanding input and output operating range and power rating. A proprietary algorithm ensures top-level MPPT performance during both transients and steady thermal conditions.

Datasheet is available here.


The KM3 converter is a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) converter for thermoelectric power generating arrays (TEGs). It operates the TEGs at their optimal operating point and efficiently transfers electricity to the necessary output battery (not included). Battery charging management can be activated to improve the state of charge of the output battery.

The TCS KM3 backplane system permits multiple TCS power converters to be used simultaneously with a single lead-acid battery. The system can provide monitoring and control information to the user via the built-in touch screen or via serial interface commands.

Note the system contains 2 KM3 converters.

Datasheet available here.

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Weight .5 kg