RO2 – I-V Tracer


Instantaneous Electrical Performance Analyser (I-V Tracer) and Dynamic Load Tracking (at-load Tester) for thermoelectric generators and solar cells.

Check out the datasheet.

Options available:

  1. Energy Harvesting (up to 4V, 480mA)
  2. Low Voltage / High Current (up to 7.85V, 15A)
  3. Medium Voltage / Medium Current (up to 15.75V, 7.5A)
  4. High Voltage / Low Current (up to 31.5V, 3.75A)


The RO2 I-V Tracer and at-load Tester is a flexible solution to test TEG(s) and PV cell(s) and to operate them at load; it is an independent electronic load specifically designed for TEGs and solar cells.

The RO2 can instantaneously inspect the electrical performance of the device connected to its input terminals or continuously operates at-load.

Datasheet available here.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 250 × 200 × 100 mm

Energy Harvesting, Low Voltage / High Current, Medium Voltage / Medium Current, High Voltage / Low Current