RO3 – Advanced IV Tracing and Dynamic Load


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Introducing the RO3 Auto-Ranging IV tracer and Dynamic Load Tracker for Thermoelectric Generators and Photovoltiac Cells

This new dynamic load is capable of testing not only single TEG devices down to the microWatts level but also TEG arrays continuously generating up to 150W and 250W when doing an I-V scan.

Datasheet available here.

Software and drivers available here.


The RO3 can also emulate a MPPT converter thus allowing you to test your TEG system at load to verify overall thermal and electrical performance.

The RO3 features a sleek touchscreen interface giving you complete control to generate an IV trace, operate as a DC load, or emulate the operation of a MPPT converter.

The RO3 also has a USB interface to connect to a computer. A PC software is provided to simultaneously control or monitor the RO3 and export data to a csv file.

The RO3 can operate the TEG(s) connected to its input at-load and dissipate the power generated.

Datasheet available here.

Software and drivers available here.

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 10 mm