RO4 – High Accuracy Transient TEG Tester


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Introducing the RO4 High Accuracy IV tracer for Thermoelectric Generators and Photovoltiac Cells.

It features:

  • Characterisation of up to 1024 I/V data point pairs per scan.
  • Voltage measurement range: 10uV to 30V
  • Current measurement range: 10uA to 1000mA
  • Programmable delays in seconds between each of “open circuit period”, “load current period”, “recovery period” and measurement of voltage, current and 2x thermocouples (K- type) for each data point in I-V scan.
  • 2x K-type thermocouples reading for hot and cold side (-100 to 1200°C)

The RO4 also enables transient voltage recovery logging and display of TEG voltage and hot- and cold-side temperatures.

Finally, a PC programme to take measurements and save results to XL spreadsheet with timestamp.  The RO4 is supplied with all connection cables, user manual, calibration certificates, run-time libraries.

Datasheet available here.



The RO4 is designed to allow for testing of Thermoelectric Generators undergoing long duration transients requiring high accuracy measurements of current and voltage.

It features a high accuracy Keysight 34972A data acquisition unit with integrated Digital Multimeter.

A USB interface connects to a computer. A PC software is provided to simultaneously control or monitor the RO4 and export data to a csv file.

TEG(s) connected to the RO4 can operate at-load and dissipate the power generated.

Datasheet available here.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 350 × 250 × 135 mm

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