KM3 System for Automotive Project

TCS has extended its range and capability of the KM3 power converters by designing an integrated multiple KM3 converter system. The customer required: a single unit containing 2x KM3 converters. share a single battery connection. USB connection to a PC. Datalogging, touchscreen for local control. Battery only operation, no mains electricity connection (for use in […]


POWERSTEP is a €5.2m project funded by the EU Horizon-2020 R&I framework programme “Full-scale demonstration of energy positive sewage treatment plant concepts towards market penetration” The implementation of safe and efficient wastewater treatment systems is essential to satisfy the global water demand, safeguard the environment, protect public health and meet sustainability goals. Energy-positive wastewater treatment plants […]

Synaptec – Temperature Control

Synaptec have developed novel sensing technologies for the electrical power network. These sensor systems are able to detect faults at long distances using existing optical fibre networks operating on electrical grid infrastructure at present. TCS has developed a bespoke control system to maintain a constant temperature in a constantly changing ambient environment.

T-Type Temperature Controller

TCS has supplied a customised temperature controller for laboratory experiment in a vacuum. The TCS Temperature Controller regulates power to the Peltier device to deliver a cold side temperature of -100°C. The project required interface of a T-type thermocouple to accurately read negative temperatures for a prolonged time period, attainable with traditional K-type or J-type […]

Remote Monitoring Systems

We have developed a complete and customizable remote monitoring and logging system. It is based on Raspberry PI and it is accessible through a remotely hosted website interface. The TCS Remote Monitoring and Control System enables instant access to system’s performance and operating state. It monitors electrical performance (including voltages, currents and powers) alongside temperature […]


The solar PV/thermal panel and all electronics in this system have been specifically designed for the SUNTRAP project.a) PV panel made of 729 10 x 10 mm2 solar cells each equipped with an optical parabolic concentrator. The panel is electrically divided in three sub-panels.b) The electronics system comprises of: data measurement and logging system with […]

PowGETEG project

The PowGETEG project deals with energy recovering at a steel foundry. It aims at generating 1 kWel from exhaust gas between 550 and 700 C. The final system comprises of four 250W TEG channels, each with its MPPT boost converter. All power converters are connected to a 200Ah lead-acid battery and to an inverter for […]

Solid-fuel Stove

Stoves are used in developing countries, remote locations, and for low-cost space heating. The possibility of also using the stove heat to heat water and produce electricity represents an added benefit thus effectively creating a combined heat and power (CHP) system. We have modified a solid-fuel stove to concurrently charge a lead-acid battery with an average of 27 […]

4-Channel Boost Converter

TCS will soon unveil a new product that comprises 4 MPPT boost converters on the same board and controlled by a single processor. This is an ideal solution to provide distributed MPPT (ideal in situations of temperature mismatch) while maintaining the cost low. This product will be available for two power levels, 120 W or […]

Hot Air System

TCS has built an in-house 10 kW-thermal hot air system to test waste heat recovery systems. The heat flux can be adjusted by phase control and various measurements are logged automatically. This system represents an ideal opportunity to test the complete waste heat recovery systems that we are developing. It is useful to investigate thermal […]

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