Energy Recovery

Reuse exhaust gas to improve efficiency

Robust thermoelectric technology turns heat from exhaust gas into electrical power.

The RH-1 system extracts heat from the gas, converts part of it to electrical power and dumps the excess into coolant water for heating use.

Up to 220 We standalone from and gas > 300°C.

Demonstrator Progress

This is a prototype system and we are in the process of completing development and final testing.

Mechanical System
Thermoelectric System
Prototype Testing

More details on the test results at varying temperatures and mass flow rates available soon.

Mechanical Specifications:

  • 78mm (3″) exhuast ID (range of flange connections)
  • 230mm (9″) exhaust and coolant OD
  • Gas temperatures from 150°C to 600°C, any mass flow
  • Pressure drop >10 mbar

Electrical Specifications:

  • 220 We (14.4Vdc, 15A)
  • AC power available on request
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