The monTE gives your TE system the edge over all other TE modules

Based on Bi2Te3, our TEGs give you more than just electrical power. The monTE device provides valuable information on the ΔT and open-circuit voltage whilst simaltaneously generating power.

  • Maximum peak hot-side temperature of 400°C
  • Continuous Th of 340°C
  • Power output up to 20W (depending on Tc)
  • Monitoring of Voc using measurement connections
  • Compatible with TCS power converters for enhanced Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • 40mm x 40mm module (other sizes are available on request)
  • Sealing and graphite coating option available
  • Sense output can be used for condition monitoring

The monTEG is optimised for power generation from exhaust gas, it can work continuously with hot side temperatures up to 340°C and it can withstand a maximum intermittent temperature of 400°C. It can generate up to 20W of electrical power and 16V and it is compatible with our power converters for enhanced Maximum Power Point Tracking.

A standard Bi2Te3 Thermoelectric module with integrated voltage and ΔT monitoring. This module enables direct measurement of Voc enabling high performance power converters.

This module is particularly well suited for automotive exhaust gas energy recovery systems.

How many times have you clamped your TEG system, created a temperature difference and you were disappointed by the amount of power produced?

This could be due to non-optimal thermal design or the parasitic Peltier effect that reduces the temperature difference when you start drawing current from the TEG. This in turn changes the optimum electrical operating point and adversly affects TEG output power.

Our MonTEG address these problems. You can now obtain continuous information on ΔT and the optimum operating point whilst you are using the TEG at load. The solution is simple and the clue is in its name: ‘MonTEG‘.

You can monitor the voltage related to both the ΔT and the optimum voltage to set at the dc/dc converter to guarantee maximum power output.

The MonTEG is precisely characterised therefore at any point you know the applied ΔT (to give you valuable feedback on the thermal performance of your system) and the optimum electrical operating point.

Moreover, the MonTEG is optimised for seamless integration with TCS power electronics products to take you from zero to a working TEG system in no time and no hassle.

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