AM3 uHarvester

The AM3 features a 2.4 V regulated output and Li-ion coin cell.

  • Energy harvesting with Vin > 150 mV
  • 510mW maximum input power
  • Integrated 120mAh Lithium-Ion coin cell
  • 97% MPPT Efficiency
  • Also available for solar cells

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AM2 Energy Harvester

  • Energy harvesting with Vin > 80 mV up to 5V
  • 400mW maximum input power
  • Cold start-up (battery discharged) with Vin > 350 mV
  • Integrated 5V supercapacitor and 2.5V or 3.3V LDO
  • 250mW maximum continuous output power
  • 550mA maximum peak output current
  • Electrical efficiency up to 87%
  • 97% MPPT Efficiency
  • Available also for solar cells

AM2 Datasheet (2.5V version)


AM2 Datasheet (3.3V version)


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