Backplane for up to 9 KM3 converters

This backplane provides the basis to create a Distributed MPPT (DMPPT) system for thermoelectric generators. It interfaces numerous KM3 converters (each connected to a different TEG array), connected in parallel at the output to the same battery.

Each KM3 converter is slotted through the vertical PCB guides that also lock it in place with notch clips. This mechanical assembly withstands strong vibrations and allows use in tough mechanical environments. Electrical connection of the KM3 converters to the backplane is provided through two 5 x 2 pin sockets.

Backplane for Fraunhofer
rear view of the Fraunhofer backplane

Operational Features

  • Interface to & charge of 12V, 24V or 48V batteries at the output
  • Delivers in excess of 75A Output Current
  • 19″-rack size enclosure with side mounting
  • touch-screen display for instantaneous data visualisation and total energy generation information
  • Range of communication options: I2C, USB, CAN and LIN (on request)
  • Customizable choice of connectors for TEG arrays and battery
  • Over-voltage and over-current protections; fused battery connection
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