KMi Measurement and Display Board to Display Voltage/Current Readings from the KM2-series Converters for Thermoelectric Generators

The KMi measurement and display has been designed to work exclusively with the KM2 series of maximum power point tracking converters for thermoelectric generator(s). It connects in series between the battery and the KM2 and between the TEG and the KM2.

The KMi board measures and displays both the battery voltage and current and the TEG voltage and current. It also calculates and displays the instantaneous input and output electrical powers.

Two thermistors can be used to provide temperature measurement of the ‘hot’ side and ‘cold’ side.

Power is supplied to the KMi directly from the battery.

The KMi interface board can communicate through I2C.

The KMi board can connected to both versions of the KM2 converter (pins or screw terminals).

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