Functionalities of the RO2

What can the RO2 do?

1) Dynamic tracking at-load: the RO2 device works continuously at a fixed percentage of the instantaneous open-circuit voltage (Voc) value, selected by the user. The Voc and the short-circuit current (Isc) are measured every one second and the load is dynamically adjusted to the selected percentage of Voc, which can be modified live. Selecting 50% of Voc, the RO2 works at the MPP of the “common” constant-temperature power curve. The device continuously operates at-load without the need for any electrical load or storage device.

2) I-V scan: at the press of a button, or using the external trigger, the RO2 device obtains 16 points on the actual electrical characteristic of the TEG(s) or solar cell(s) connected to the input (at the current temperature difference or irradiance level). The scan is performed in less than 30 msec, hence the thermal operating point is not affected.

3) After an I-V scan is performed the user can optionally decide to work at-load at one of the 16 measured voltages in constant-voltage mode. The open-circuit voltage and the short-circuit current are measured every one second.

What's Included?

RO2 I-V Tracer

The RO2 I-V Tracer and at-load Tester device is provided in a metal enclosure and powered by mains. The front panel provides the TEG or solar cell + and – connections and two inputs for thermistors to monitor temperatures within the user equipment.

Current and voltage measurement from 0-2 V analogue output can be requested so that monitoring operation can be performed by auxiliary user equipment.

The RO2 does not come with thermal-mechanical parts, however, we also offer a variety of mechanical assemblies to clamp thermoelectric devices.

Download the RO2 Data Sheet for versions, ratings and operational information.

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