Test Fixtures for thermoelectric devices

operated in power generation and heat pumping

TCS offer test systems suitable for evaluating power generation (Seebeck) and heat pumping (Peltier) modules under “real world” conditions (as opposed to a unit specifically designed for TE device metrology).

In essence the fixtures are mechanical frames that clamp the TE device to a known mechanical force. Heat is applied to one side of the device and heat is removed from the other side of the device. During the application of heat, the electrical current flowing into or out of the device is accurately controlled.

In power generation mode the TEG has temperature difference established between the faces of the device and an electronic load varies the current. All parameters are controllable. In heat pumping mode the TEC can be evaluated either in terms of coefficient of performance or of the Q pumped.

There two different test fixture configurations: manual and automatic. For both cases we also offer a complete system which allows single or multiple devices to be tested concurrently using up to 4 fixtures in parallel attached to a common set of instrumentation. This permits characterising realistic arrays of thermoelectric generators operating under different temperature conditions. Nearly everything is computer controlled in the complete system but the fixtures can be used separately if you wish to provide your own power, cooling, instrumentation and control.

  • Test multiple modules simultaneously under different operating conditionsTest Fixtures - TCS
  • Automatic pressure compensation for thermal expansion effects
  • Curve plotting software and data export to Excel
  • Calibrated clamping forces from 0 >5kN
  • Hot-side operating temperature to > 700°C
  • Water-cooled cold side, θsink = 0.005°C/W
  • Constant power or constant temperature operation (max 1kW per module heater)
  • Direct measurement of module surface temperatures
  • Module sizes to a maximum of 80mm x 80mm / 25 Amps
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