Cooling Systems

Thermoelectric Cooling Systems provide solid state and solid performance for your critical electronics infrastructure. Maintain IP ratings without sacrificing performance.

TEG MPPT Converters

Maximum Power Point Tracking power converters interface the load to the thermoelectric generator to continuously maximise output power for any given thermal condition.

Remote & Secure

Secure-by-design control systems give you access to your data to give confidence in reliability and operation of your systems.

monTE device

Monitoring TEG

Operating up to 400°C and producing up to 20W, this 40x40mm TEG gives your system the edge over standard BiTe modules. Try it today!

Energy Harvesters for TEGs or PVs

Our harvesters are the ideal solution to power your low power sensors and IoT devices from heat or sun. They start from 100mV and rated to 400mW.

Test Equipment

We offer various electro-mechanical instruments to asses the thermal and/or electrical performance of thermoelectric devices working in power generating mode, Peltier cooling mode, or heating mode.

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